Learn warm-up exercises, proper breathing, vocal agility and strengthening. Let's take proper care of your instrument.


On this course we will go through every stepping stone on the journey of discovery your vocal abilities are. From learning warm up exercises to wake up your vocal chords and avoid injury or strain, to the effective appoggio breathing technique and the benefits it holds for every singer or voice talent. Vocal strengthening exercises for endurance and support when you hit those high notes without harming yourself in the process. Vocal agility to get around those runs and riffs.

And last but not least learn a couple tips on how to take proper care of your instrument, what things to avoid before and after singing, what habits are good for a healthy voice.

The course will be divided in 4 classes of one hour, scheduled once a week, for four weeks. We're looking forward to hearing your voice!

WHat you'll learn
  • Discover your range
  • Discover your diaphragm
  • How do singers breath?
  • Vocal warm-ups
  • Agility exercises
  • Strengthening Exercises
What you'll need
  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Headphones (optional)