For 8 years, we've been fostering the growth of the vibrant and diverse artist community in the DMV area.

We've created a hub at MIXIT Studios where musicians of all backgrounds, races, genders, and faiths find the support and resources they need to flourish.

Today, we're excited to bring this experience worldwide, giving access to artists everywhere the tools they need.

Record anytime, from anywhere, your music shouldn't be confined by walls.

To date, we've had the privilege to contribute to over a thousand records, each one a unique testament to the power of artistic expression.

In the past few years, our collective efforts have been recognized with multiple award nominations, an achievement we're truly humbled by. Yet, the real reward lies in the journey we've shared with each of you - the musicians, the creators, the dreamers. It's not just about numbers or accolades. It's about the passion, the creativity, and the raw talent we've had the honor of amplifying.

Welcome to MIXIT Studios - let's shape the future of music, together.

We're OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 10:00 AM TO 10:00 PM

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